Software stack

To each developer their own favorite stack. As for me, the short version is that I develop with Python and Django mainly, and my projects are hosted on Debian servers that I manage myself. For the longer version, I list below the software and tools that I use on a regular basis.

Back-end development

  • Django

    Django is a web framework written in Python. It rocks.

  • Django REST framework

    A toolkit for building web APIs with Django.

  • Wagtail

    A Content Management System written in Python and powered by Django.


Front-end development

  • Angular

    Angular is a front-end framework written in TypeScript, with cross-platform development in mind.

  • Bootstrap

    Bootstrap is a front-end toolkit for quickly building responsive sites.

    JavaScript SCSS
  • webpack

    webpack facilitates the management of dependencies and assets when developing JavaScript modules and applications.


Systems and services

  • Debian

    Debian, Debian everywhere. This community-driven GNU/Linux distribution can run on pretty much anything.

  • PostgreSQL

    A free and open-source relational database management system.

  • Nginx

    Web server, reverse proxy, load balancer. Nginx does it all.

  • uWSGI

    Python application server. Because Nginx does not speak Python.

  • Let's Encrypt

    Certificate authority providing TLS encryption for free. It adds the S to HTTP to make it Super. And Secure.

Scientific programming

  • SciPy

    Scientific computing with Python.



  • Sphinx

    A documentation generator written in Python.

  • LaTeX / Beamer

    What you see is what you type. What you get is a beautiful, consistent document.


  • unittest / Selenium / tox / Flake8 / Coverage.py

    Python testing stack.

  • Jasmine / Protractor / Karma / TSLint

    The default stack for testing Angular projects.

    TypeScript JavaScript
  • stylelint

    (S)CSS linter. Because inconsistencies cascade too.

  • django-debug-toolbar

    Debug panels for Django.

Development environment

  • Git

    A distributed version-control system.

  • GitLab.com

    GitLab is a complete DevOps platform: Git repositories, issue tracking, CI/CD, and more.

  • VSCodium

    Visual Studio Code, but without Microsoft's functionalities.

  • Vim

    ^C^Cexqu^C :q

  • Mozilla Firefox

    The web browser.


  • Inkscape

    Free and open-source vector graphics editor.

  • GIMP

    Free and open-source raster graphics editor.